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Creating a Millon Dollar Mindset – Are you really ready? Find out here!

Well the fist question to ask is can it be done?

The answer is undoubtedly YES – this has been proven by many people around the world who have traveled the landscape from poverty to wealth – some if very short period of time, even after years of poverty.

The reality of doing this is however fraught with tricky obstacles.

There are people out there trying to tech this to others who are desperate to change and start living a better life for themselves. Most fail to teach this material successfully – I say this because most seekers fail to succeed – statistically only about 2% of attendees of any course, seminar, or educational program around this subject (or anything to do with wealth creation for that matter) go on to succeed, and even less that that go on to succeed big.

So the next question is: is it that these people are just ready for this information? Are they ready for change?

And let’s then ask: what makes a person ready for change? How do you know if you are on the brink of change and you just need the right bit of information to tip you over the edge into a wealth avalanche?

A recent study on the power of having a successful mindset – and how a personal can get one has produced a map of four quadrants, each a part of ourselves or out surroundings that can affect our mindset and our beliefs.

What this Mind-Map shows is that there are several factors that might give us insight into whether a person is really ready to change – willing to change – and able to take the action that is required to change.

If you are looking to change yourself in this regard… to improve your relationship with money, wealth and success then ask yourself the following questions (and answer them with as much raw honesty as you are able:

1: Are you willing to apply yourself to constant improvement in the application of your knowledge with respect to your wealth vehicle?

2: are you willing to act in ways that may be uncomfortable and new to model what other successful people have done in order to start to behave in the same way?

3: Are you willing to monitor your behavior constantly in order to hold yourself – your body and most importantly your thoughts in check with focused discipline?

4:Are3 you willing to make a decision that has no back door, or no escape clause so that you can commit to achieving what you want or die trying?

5:Are you willing to experience whatever you need to (including the possibility of emotional pain, rage, disappointment, self judgment, love, bliss, hatred, shame, blame… and any other uncomfortable feelings) in order to explore your deepest subconscious desires and find your deepest and most passionate yearnings for your life? (This one is not critical but it will make to whole journey more enjoyable and leave you feeling more full and happy when you do achieve your dreams. – ask yourself how many rich and desperately unhappy people are there out there? Question 5 will create wealth (in and out) not just riches.

6: are your current circumstances painful enough that you will do anything to ensure that you will never go back there ever again? – or are you kind of comfortable in your uncomfortableness?

People who can honestly answer yes to all of these questions will be most likely to be ready for change – will be most likely to be able to take the other steps outlined in this mindmap to systematically and scientifically alter their beliefs, mindset and behavior to become one that will produce profoundly improved results in their lives.

These steps are an integrated codification of a wide range of approaches and theories about mindset but like anything there will be people who are ready for change and there will be people who are not.

Ultimately it all starts with the right questions and some honest answers.
and that may be far and away one of the hardest parts. All journeys must start with a single step and it’s often the first step that’s the hardest.

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